A Greek dream

Wonderful  Milos
Appolonia Harbour

I love Greece and I also love seafoot and so my parents took me to an eastern-journey to discover Santorini and to relax in our Greek “home” Milos.

After a short flight from Munich-Airport we arrived – full of anticipation – at Santorini Island for the first time as a family.

Our appartment was called “Williams House” in the small town of Akrotiri and we had a fantastic view to the sea, to the volcano and to the capitol “Fira”. 

Coincidentally the rent-a-car-chief was a friend of the very friendly Williams Family and a neighbour so – if you want to stay there too – ask in Williams House for the car, it would be cheaper than book in other rent-a-car`s. 

The breakfast, that we became fresh in our room, was unbelievable versatile and you don’t have to be frightened if you get some homemade pizza or cookies to the bread, cheese, marmalade, honey, sausages, eggs … you get that every day!

So the morning started with some surprise, and we started discovering the island with a full stomach.

Santorini has changed a lot in the last years, my parents told me.

There are lots of tourists and the prices are high class – even in spring.

Wonderful Santorini

But it is also something wonderful, beautiful, and something special.

Our favorite Towns, Fira, Pirgos and Oia are unbelievable nice and impressed us with its styles, colors and the type the houses have been built.

Fortunately the weather was not good enough for swimming in the sea so we had time enough to discover the island.

The Towns of Santorini

Especial Fira, the capitol of the Island, the beautiful Pirgos in the hills and, of course, Oia are towns you have to visit once in your life.

Because of the not sooo amazing weather this day (e.g. 20°C) we saw many beautiful buildings and little towns.

From Fira we also visited a volcano which is still active (Nea Kameni).

Nea Kameni

Our way to the volcano-isle

It was an exciting way to the harbour and my parents decided to take the “CableCar”, a system from an Austrian skiing area.

I was glad we did so. I didn’t want to take the 850 steps from the town to the harbor (not even downhill ;-)). And I didn`t want to take the famous but poor mules of Santorini.

Boat to the Island

There were many peoples and many ships so it was not easy to find the right boat but at least we found the right row to continue our adventure.

The boat was full of people but I enjoyed the short trip and the Volcano-Island did welcome us with hundreds of flowers and colors.


It was a nice trip and on the way back the boat stopped for a little swim-break but… 18 degrees (water) was too cold for me … 

At the end you have to be very patient. All the people who came down the way to the harbor want to go, drive or ride to the town again. 

The world famous “Red Beach”

A special trip during our holiday was the way to the Red Beach. In main season you have no chance to see the beach in all its proud because it is full of people swimming, relaxing and taking pictures of the red volcano sand. At Easter time we had the beach for us and we enjoyed the adventurous way down and I used the cliffs and stones for climbing.

Swaying to Milos Island

It would not have been this kind of Cycladic Vacation we like if we would miss the Island we have been several times before – Milos Island.

On the way to Milos we took the Seajet and with 4 m high waves it was a really rockin’ and shakin’ crossing. Nearly all the people in the boat had to spit the whole time but for me it was just a big fun on a great ship swing 😉

Back to Milos again

Milos view

We had our accommodation in the capitol “Plaka”, a town in the hills which was built from an old castle. If you like to stay there: “Halara Studios” and “Bettys Studios” will be two fantastic houses with unbelievable views and personal, friendly service.

It was nice to stay there so early in the year. Without the opportunity to go swimming in one of the 70 beaches of Milos we could visit a lot of things first time. But our adventures in Milos … this will be another story.

Easter night in Pirgos – Burning Pirgos

Pirgos in flames

Back in Santorini for the last night of our vacation (it was Good Friday) we took a Honeymoon-Suite with a big, heated bathing pool for our own and a view to the volcano island.

It was so unbelievable to stay in the pool and to look in the dark at 20 000 lights burned down in this special night and to listen to the sound of the church bells. This night inside the flames of Pirgos was a very special experience we`ll never forget.

So our journey becomes a very interesting one and I hope you enjoyed my story. 

hugs and kisses,