I have no idea why my parents are so excited. It‘s not our fist time going on vacation. It should go to the sea in France which for me means something like: Eating ice cream and mussels, splashing around and eating mussels, and of course….eat mussels. But something is going to be very special and I should find out soon what it is.

After we had packed our car to the brim, we set off toward Nuremberg. And there it was!

Our mobile home

Camping with the camper – A bumpy start

I was pretty amazed! A house on wheels! My parents call it a motorhome…Tres chic! And so it started right away. Three weeks through Brittany, great!

But first we repacked – we moved the suitcases from the car to the mobile home – which will soon turn out to be the first mistake. The mobile home is big, but unfortunately not big enough for our clothes plus the suitcases and bag themselves. So it was pretty chaotic and tight and my parents were annoyed that they didn‘t think about it.

The 5 biggest mistakes on our RV vacation

  1. We took our suitcases in the RV.
  2. We forgot pillows and duvets (spoiled by the hotel).
  3. We rented a brand new mobile home despite a four year old child.
  4. We underestimated the instruction when parking and we didn‘t make use of that
  5. We had no water hose and the extension cable for electricity was missing.
our mobile home

What a landscape!

sunset in Dieppe

We arrived in Dieppe on the evening of the second day of our vacation. Dieppe belongs to Normandy and the North Sea Beach was impressively beautiful. And we were very lucky to experience a wonderful sunset over the sea.

sunset in Dieppe

Every break became an experience, also away from the hotspots.

The white cliffs of Dieppe
The beach
Wonderful Brittany

It was just beautiful. But I was a little sad that my parents were more busy with the mobile home in the beginning than with me.

It started with forgetting pillows and blankets and without a long hose, they had to constantly haul water with the watering can. Actually everything has happened that can only happen but hey – we were in the middle of a motorhome adventure in beautiful Brittany!

5 Camping hits for kids

1. Playing in the sand
2. Learn to ride a bike at the campsite
3. boating
4. learn swimming
5. Romp on the beach

French campsites – the god of camping must be French!

The campsites in Brittany welcomed us very well maintained, very nicely located and very well equipped.

View from our mobile home
Wonderful beaches

Most impressive to me was that there were actually mussels EVERYWHERE! I love France !!

ich bin Jano

All in all, the trip was very exciting and full of adventure. Along the coast of Brittany, from campsite to campsite. And we didn’t have to do without anything, least of all food! Every food truck on campsites in Brittany has star quality!

And so all the requirements for a great vacation were met!