On our way to the best Milos Restaurants…

Best Restaurants in Milos Plaka

To travel at and on the seas will make very hungry! So it is important to know, where you find the best local meal for you and your family.

We have eaten many times in all the restaurants you will see in this review!

Bon Apetit,


Breakfast in Plaka

Very first Milos breakfast…

En Plo

View from Milos Plaka

The „En Plo“ is a very special place to start and close the day in Plaka. You will have a stunning view through half of Milos, a very good selection of meal, drinks and everything you need to enjoy being in this wonderful place. Owner of this Café is Dimitri. He and his family are very friendly and will give the Coffee-Bar a very special, easy touch.


Palaios Coffee & Pastry

If you like to taste real greek coffee and some handmade pastry you are very right in here. You will never get again as fresh and delicious pastry as in this Café. You also have to taste the pies (spinachpie..love it…) and the selfmade icecream…


Heard about some great breakfast here ….

Brunch & Lunch & Diner

„Grandpa“ Adonis

Plakiana Gonia – Taverna Ouzeri

First Taverna if you enter Milos Plaka will be the taverna of „Grandpa Adonis“. He is the father of Dimitris („En Plo“) and located in the same building downstairs. Taverna Ouzeri is one of the most traditional taverna we ever met. If you want to taste the real greek meal you are very right here. Of course, there are many restaurants with a more modern view, with a more modern cuisine, with a better rating. But if this small restaurant will be on your way – ask Adonis what he has actually in his oven. And if you want to smell the taste of Milos Plaka – sit down and enjoy!


Strange kreatures …

Di Porto

In this case i don’t miss seafood

We found this restaurant first time in the unpredictable circumstance of pasta-withdrawl, so we tasted the Carbonara. And let me tell you and be sure: you will never get any better Carbonara in the world, not even in italy.

But we also had one of the best traditional Taramasolata and some very interesting meals! If you dare – taste the snakes …


One example for a perfekt view from Plaka

Fatses Creperie – Greece meets Jamaica

A very colorful and peaceful restaurant is „Fatses“. The first years we‘ve been in Milos we just used it to have a fresh „portokalada“ (orangejuice) or some coffee for my parents while having a break. But finally in our last stay we discovered the cuisine of this restaurant and since that we are looking forward to taste it again!


Beside the restaurants there are 70 beaches to discover


One restaurant you can‘t overlook is the Archontoula in the middle of Plaka. It is still the famous center of Plaka and either what you do – sit down and taste the Archontoula Salad and the seafood!


Hard to say goodbye to Milos

Barriello – Tripiti

Tripiti is a nice little town next to Plaka. The Barriello is inside a very charming place and outside you can find tables with the typical Tripiti–view!

The hour before the evening comes

Famous is the Barriello because of his wines and – of course – the great meal! If you like soccer you will have great and interesting talks to the owner.
Funfactor: we never found in another restaurant in Greece „Berner Würstchen“, some sausage from the BBQ with cheese in– and bacon outside! Your kids will love ˋem!


Afrodites Garden

Last but never least of all the restaurants in the hills of Milos we will prefer is the „Methismeni Politea“, also known as Afrodites Garden. You will find some traditional foods and special barbeque offers. The highlight is the beautiful garden you will never leave again..

Found my Aphrodite


The O’Hamos, Milos Adamas

Top of the top restaurants we could find next to the water was the O‘Hamos. It is one of the best tavernas in all the Islands of the agean sea we know and you would not have been in Milos if you have not tasted anything of the variety from this extraordinary place!


The beach who belongs to O’Hamos is a beautiful place where you can relax and enjoy some drinks…

A highlight of Milos – Adamas harbour

Utopia Sundown–Café Bar

The most famous Milos view – sundown from Utopia Café

I can’t imagine, that my parents have ever taken more pictures from another place on earth than from this unbelievable Utopia Café.

Cool drinks, good music, nice snacks and a very special feeling will take you from the day into the Milos Nights. One of the best sundowns you can imagine included!


Ouzo for my parents … Snacks for me! The sundown can start….

I hope you enjoyed the journey to Milos best restaurants and maybe we’ll meet us once on one of this beautiful and special places!

Your travel–boy Jano