My first journey ever: 

Portovenere – Italy


My parents decided to travel with me to a small, lovely Italian town called Portovenere on my first journey. Maybe they thought going to Italy with a Babyboy is not the worst planning.

However, the landscapes and towns and beaches and everything is really exciting – for me and also for my parents.


I remember that I have been very excited to go on my first trip with a motorboat.

Glad that my parents are sailors and able to handle every boat – I hope …

It was a fantastic view, we have seen the Riviera, some sweet towns called Cinque Terre and some water, and some seawater, and some waves, and more water …

… and soon I got a little tired from the swing in the waves and from the air of the sea and I felt asleep.

castle Portovenere

We saw something more and I have been very impressed of Genova, but this is another story.

Anyway, from the first moment on I liked the country called Italy and its people.

I hope you have the opportunity to see it by yourself.