view to Rialto Bridge

Italy and covid-19

It was more complicated than we thought to start our trip to Venice. Fortunately, Italy is currently ‘only’ a covid risk area and entry and exit is easy. But first my parents have prepared a few things.

Entry to Italy
My parents did a lot of research and reading until they knew what we need to travel during the pandemic. Above all, it was important to reserve tickets for the vaporetti, the ‘water buses’ of Venice, and for a well-located parking garage!

view from ‚autorimesa comunale‘ parking

Both went down on the Internet without any problems.


Gondole and Vaporetti

Oh yes … the vignette for Austria is also available at with a click of the mouse!

Canal Grande


Booking the room or, as in our case, an apartment in an old building in advance, e.g. at is of course never a bad idea!

Our accomodation with a spectacular view
A covid-19 bargain

Our dream accommodation was in Cannaregio with a great view on the Grand Canal and we had a lot of space too!

Organizational matters

However, two things are essential to travel abroad during the pandemic:

Otherwise everything is as always, just keep a mask and keep your distance!

The double gondoliere

Top 5 of our travel tips in the car

  • So that mum and dad can survive a long road trip with their child without harm, the program also includes appropriate preparation: Set off early, from Bavaria we usually start south around 4:00 a.m.!
  • Pillows and blankets in the car are a great ‘help to sleep’!
  • Don’t forget your favorite CD and cuddly toy!
  • Reading travel guides for children and practicing the basics of the foreign language on the outward journey are great preparations!
  • And yes, IPad, Switch and Nintendo are also allowed!

    But what on earth do you do with an 8 year old in the city of love ??
    I’ll tell you in my next post and hope to give you a little hope and joy for your next vacation abroad! If you pay attention to a few things about Covid, everything is just as safe and beautiful as it was before! See you soon, stay healthy and don’t forget your mask, your Jano
Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Cathedral at the entrance to St. Mark’s Square are highlights for the grown-ups